10 reasons why so many people divorce

10 reasons why so many people divorce

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Home Page > Law > 10 reasons why so many people divorce

10 reasons why so many people divorce

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Posted: Dec 17, 2010 |Comments: 0


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It is a sad fact that over 50% of marriages in England Free Divorce Forms and Wales result in divorce, and over 60% of second marriages. Some of the top ten reasons why so many people divorce include:

When one partner cheats, it can prove impossible to get your marriage back on track. Even when one partner forgives the other, it can still take years to forget their infidelity, and this can prove a major hurdle to overcome. Whatever the reasons for infidelity, and it may be anger, jealousy or frustration, it can destroy a marriage very quickly.

2.Abuse in a marriage
Physical or mental abuse can end a marriage. When one partner controls another, either physically or mentally, the marriage will be compromised on all levels, and trust, love and respect becomes a thing of the past. Partners end up feeling like enemies instead of allies, and marriage often ends in divorce.

3.Family problems
Many people find their in-laws unbearable, and when their partner has a close relationship with them, this can result in major marriage problems. Extended family can be interfering and overbearing, and if they interfere in the marital relationship, it can result in divorce.

4.Life changes
People change as they get older, and the person you married at 20 is unlikely to resemble the person he/she becomes at 40. Unless couples grow together, they are likely to grow apart, and they may find after many years together that they just don´t want the same things any more.

5.Alcohol and Drug addictions
Any addiction, whether it is to alcohol, drugs, porn or gambling, can cause  havoc in a marriage. One partner may be spending money you can ill afford to spend, or running up debts, which both spouses are accountable for. It also puts pressure on the marriage, as he/she may need support through treatment or rehab.

6.Childhood problems
If one partner enters a marriage with childhood scars from growing up, they could bring their baggage with them, which can cause marital problems. If they are mentally scarred from a poor upbringing, and/or if they feel angry and alone, problems could surface in your marriage. Healing and letting go of the past can help build a happy and long-lasting marriage.

7.Different goals
You may have different goals to your spouse, or different priorities. You may want children sooner rather than later, and your spouse may want to concentrate on his/her career for example. This can cause resentment and anger if you are unable to resolve your differences.

8.Stress and pressure
Try not to put too much stress and pressure on your marriage, as trying to take on everything at once can result in disaster. If you want to have children, forge a career, open a business, take your time, and plan things properly. Nothing happens instantly, and if you overstress yourselves, your marriage will suffer.

9.Controlling behaviour
If one partner tries to control another, it can result in divorce. Most partners enjoy being looked after, but as they get older, they may become more independent, and less needy. When one partner is used to making all the decisions, this can come as something of a shock to the system.

Money can cause a whole range of problems if you don´t agree on how to earn, save or spend it. One partner may splash more out on the kids than the other, or you may not agree how much is spent each year on holidays, treats or day to day living. If financial issues cannot be resolved, it can cause a major rift in the marriage, resulting in divorce.
If you want a divorce, contact a regulated solicitor who works on a no win, no fee basis, and one who will help and guide you through this stressful time. You can download free divorce papers from some solicitors, and this will help you to start divorce proceedings in the comfort of your own  home.

About the Author:
Adrian vultur writes for Free Divorce Forms
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