10 Reasons You May Need A Solicitor

10 Reasons You May Need A Solicitor

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Home Page > Law > 10 Reasons You May Need A Solicitor

10 Reasons You May Need A Solicitor

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Posted: Dec 13, 2010

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Do you have a legal issue that requires professional attention? Here are 10 reasons you may need a solicitor.

1. If you have been injured through an accident that was not your fault, you may require a personal injury specialist to help you seek compensation.

2. If your marriage is coming to an end and divorce is likely, speaking to a family or divorce solicitor may help you push forward proceedings.

3. If you’re an employer who requires ongoing legal support, you’ll need to find an employment or corporate law specialist solicitor.

4. You may also need an employment solicitor if you’re an employer who is being threatened with legal action.

5. On the reverse, an employment solicitor may be useful if you’re an employee that’s involved in a dispute with the company or colleague.

6. If you are getting married and wish to put a pre-marital agreement in place to protect either party’s assets, a family solicitor may help.

7. If you have developed an industrial disease, such as asbestosis or hearing loss, you may be entitled to make a claim through your solicitor.

8. If you are going through a relationship break-up and have disputes over property, possessions or even custody of the children, a family specialist may be needed.

9. If you are entering or ending a civil partnership, you may want to know more about your rights. A solicitor may be able to go through everything you need to know.

10. If you wish to make a last will and testament, a wills and probate solicitor can help you sort one out.

Your first stage in any of these scenarios will be to identify a law firm that’s local to you. For example, you may require a Liverpool solicitor. If so, a Liverpool business directory may help you draw up a list of suitable businesses.

Business directories are useful for all number of different situations. For instance, they can help you find everything from a Liverpool dentist to a Birmingham driving school.

About the Author:
LocalMole.co.uk is an online business directory that can help you find everything from Liverpool driving schools to a Liverpool locksmith. Visit LocalMole.co.uk today and start your search.
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