5of8 Patriot Act is the Enslavement Act, Common Law Abatement 5of8

and then you encounter the law, that that which you understand with your eyes and ears, natural existence, that is not how things go, it’s an Alice in Wonderland kind of a situation where you enter a playing court and you are supposed to play tennis with people playing different rules. if you don’t understand those rules you are helpless to direct the outcome. The ground rule of the playing court, several games super imposed on top of one another. common law has been forgotten, but it’s in the constitution. 1913 national banking institution took control of every American, 1938 bankruptcy taking possession of every bit of property in this country and pledged the life’s work of every citizen as guarantee for the bankruptcy. Certificate of live birth with all capital letters, legal fiction created by the state, it’s not you, it resembles you, once you answer to it, you become it, subject to all the statutes that control it. Taxing code is the most confusing set of laws in the world, 10000 pages of absolute gibberish. if you show up in court, you waive and have to pay penalties ascribed to your legal fiction. Common law abatement: outline the defects and ask the court to correct them before you’ll show up. Appearance waives all defects of due process for traffic tickets. A warrant has not served properly in the last 30 years. We’ve been operating in admiralty court since 1861. The Patriot act is the enslavement act, has damaged out 1st, 4th, and 5th amendments.

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