A job in Criminal Law Enforcement for a woman?

I’m looking for Job opportunities in criminal law and I’m an average build miss, not super strong. I’m a senior in high school but I know that I want to do this and go to college to study for it. I’ve looked at being a U.S. Marshal but not much else yet. What’s a good suggestion?
And I don’t think I want a small or local job. I want to be out there and really make a diffference.

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    3 Responses to “A job in Criminal Law Enforcement for a woman?”

    1. impaler19120 Says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is the "small or local job" that really does make the most difference. Federal Agents are investigators, not police officers. they don’t respond to emergencies, perform public service work, protect life and property on a daily basis and they almost never make "on view " arrests. Their arrests follow months of investigations, unlike what you see on TV. Also, most Federal Law Enforcement jobs require 4 year college degrees.

      Your best bet is to major in some course of study that really interests you, and one that you can excel in. There is nothing wrong with being a Criminal Justice major. But, it does nothing to help you get a police job. In fact, it may hinder you if you decide you want to get into FBI, an agency that looks for highly intellectual applicants. Do you like computers? How about accounting, or the sciences?

      I have been a police officer for almost 40 years. I spent nearly 30 years as a detective, including 12 years in Homicide. In my career, I saved many lives, changed many lives, solved many crimes and put Murderers on Death Row. Not bad for a "local job" I have worked with many skilled, dedicated and successful female officers, including several who attained command level rank.

    2. FuKt PrInc3sS Says:

      State police or highway patrol… They pay you to go to their academies

    3. Les S Says:

      Well except in TV shows marshals really don;t make much of a difference. They protect federal courts and catch fugitives but it is the local real police who make the case so the guy is really a fugitive.

      Real regular patrol officers are the ones who make the most difference to the most people.

      Three or four active cops can change the lives of hundreds in a community.

      My female 5’3, 130 lbs partner and and another team went into the most lawless projects in my city.
      within 6 months homicides went from an average 3 a week to 3 a month.
      If you don’t think that made a difference to the community I got about 3,500 people who lived in those projects who would disagree.

      When I was a homicide detective I know I solved more homicides in a year than any single FBI SA had ever seen. I’m pretty sure the families of those victims thought I made a difference while the FBI guys were chasing bank burglars who only held up a bank with a note.

      Look around you with a critical eye. Stop believing what you see on TV and you will soon realize that to make a real difference in peoples lives you have to go local.