A Legacy of Injustice: The California “Assault Weapons” Control Act 20 Years Later.mov

Matt Corwin is a former military police officer who was attending Los Angeles City College while on injured reserve leave from the Army before being reactivated. He was active in conservative politics on campus. On April 23, 2007, someone from his school called the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and told Detectives about Matt’s MySpace webpage, which depicted numerous legal firearms, as well as videos of Mr. Corwin shooting at a range. From there, Matt’s horror story began. Now, the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) Foundation, in cooperation with National Rifle Association (NRA) News, has released a video documenting Matt’s experience, and the outlandishness of California’s law banning certain semi-automatic sporting firearms. Twenty years after it’s passage, the law has only a legacy of injustice. The compelling video, “A Legacy of Injustice,” is posted at www.youtube.com California law essentially bans the possession of certain firearms designated as “assault weapons.” But the term “assault weapon” has no meaning in technical firearm parlance. It is a purely legal term, arbitrarily defined by statute and administrative regulations and contrary to common sense. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of confusion about what constitutes an “assault weapon.” (To read about these laws please visit the Reference Materials section of our website at: Michellawyers.com.) Private citizens are not alone in their confusion over what is regulated by California’s

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    25 Responses to “A Legacy of Injustice: The California “Assault Weapons” Control Act 20 Years Later.mov”

    1. scubapro12z Says:

      Lets make guns illegal, then criminals wont use them, right?


      Lets take a look, you got the government trying to control our guns just because these little spics shooting each other over drugs and territory in a different country, I don’t see the point of this. If this gang shit is happening in a different country, let it go it’s their problem not ours.

    3. sk8dude088 Says:

      the us government is letting the guns go across the mexican border.

    4. TheGrizman69 Says:

      Hilary Clinton is a fucking idiot

    5. Madmann135 Says:

      This is painful to watch simply because it is true and can happen if we let “them” get what they want.
      It is also happening in Chicago…

    6. psychoobiker Says:

      good to see matt, havent seen him since the BWO dinner in 08

    7. EverythingisFire Says:

      Good video

    8. candaindipper Says:

      fuck i am canadian and this is fucking ridulcouls it isnt the gun doing the shooting is the person pulling the trigger and why r mexicos problems the states problems like FUCK!!!!!!

    9. GrizzPaul Says:

      how come no one just gets funding from there NRA or other gun associated group and sue these laws ??? jesus

    10. Norsegod127 Says:

      Thats stupid, poor guy, worked for the government serving the government and then calling him a terrorist

    11. Blackwater200 Says:

      All guns do is help you get you into trouble whether or not you are a good person or a piece of shit criminal scumbag on the street without a life. Guns are for people that do not know how to fight, and it’s the most affective way to become a coward.

    12. tito810 Says:

      @Blackwater200 I’m sorry but this ain’t the 17th century no more it’s the 21st century ever since the collapse of the soviet union guns available on the black market increase since then so you have more access to buying a gun on the black market more than ever. I know they definitely should relax guns. it’s common sense. LOLove

    13. ImWatchinTheTube Says:

      @Blackwater200 Yeah, because my 110 pound sister can fight off a 250 pound man with her fists. Oh is a gun not honorable enough for you? Unfortunately, it’s also the most widely accepted and successful self defense weapon in the world. How am I supposed to defend myself with a baseball bat when the crackhead breaking into my house has a “nine” that he got illegally? Use some logic.

    14. andayy Says:

      @Blackwater200 or maybe creates an equilibrium between the law abiding citizen defending his home and the criminal with a gun attacking the law abiding citizen?

    15. Blackwater200 Says:

      @andayy Don’t forget that it’s good law abiding citizen are the ones that are selling these weapons to criminals, so who’s worst, the good guy or the bad guy, when this kinda of crap is going on?

    16. d0gM3at Says:

      The purpose of anti-gun liberal politicians, DA’s and law enforcement is to make law abiding citizens into criminals. They hate your right to own and bare arms as it hinders them from truly creating a all encompassing nanny/police state.

      Oh and isn’t it ironic that the ones who supplied the guns in Mexico during the wave of mass violence in the cartel wars were the ATF and not law abiding citizens! Go google up the ATF and its program who allowed let thousands of guns flood into Mexico.

    17. sanjurokurosawa Says:

      My response is Lovelle Mixon.

    18. andayy Says:

      @Blackwater200 thts a paradox. The law-abiding gun owner breaks the law by straw purchasing guns for people? o.O

    19. christang721 Says:

      i live in california, fucking hate the “bullet button” for the AR and AK rifles. angers me.

    20. darliegoddess Says:

      Utter bullshit!

    21. AnontheOP Says:

      5 people who work for the Obama Administration clicked “dislike”

    22. AnontheOP Says:


      Because the NRA has become an underproductive cash cow who makes under the table deals with the Anti-Gunners like Nancy Pelosi. Quit the NRA and join the groups who are actually responsible for pushing important lawsuits like the National Association for Gun Rights or the 2nd Amendment Foundation.

    23. safewaysecurity Says:

      @AnontheOP underproductive? Are you kidding me? Tell me how the NRA has been underproductive. Sure they are not the SAF as far as litigation in the courts go but the NRA is primarily a legislatively focused organization which has done more to get Castle Doctrine and Shall Issue than any other organization. They are the reason we still have our gun rights. Trust me I’m more ” extreme ” than the NRA but you need to get off your no compromise high horse and learn the game of getting real wins.

    24. dgfsdgdfghdfgdf Says:

      Get their real video now busizz4me.info

    25. 1515alanruiz Says: