about legal aid for my daughter going thru divorce?

Is there any way my daughter can get legal aid in Ga.? She has gone into debt fighting her husband
over custody of their child. She can barely pay her rent now and lawyer is threatening to not represent her anymore.

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    4 Responses to “about legal aid for my daughter going thru divorce?”

    1. Blunt Says:

      Lawyers need to get paid, no one does it for free.

      Only a very small minority qualifies for legal aid and is nearly impossible to get it. Certain condition apply like being indigent, disabled or suffering from severe and proven physical abuse.

      pay your lawyer like everyone else. Everyone goes into debt fighting for custody and getting a divorce. geez lady.

    2. karen2625 Says:

      she would have to prove her income and get her bills together. the worst thing they could say is no. go for it.

    3. FeistyN Says:

      The only way that she will know for certain is to apply for it. She can start here: http://www.legalaid-ga.org/GA/index.cfm/County/%20/City/%20/demoMode/%3D%201/Language/1/State/GA/TextOnly/N/ZipCode/%20/LoggedIn/0/so/1

      Her other options are to try to negotiate a payment plan with her attorney or seek the help of family and friends.

    4. jude Says:

      unfortunately legal aide isn’t what it used to be years ago. she will just have to go apply and see what they say.