ACS:LAWs Anti Piracy Chief Andrew Crossley “NO SHOW on the ONE SHOW”

FAIR USE CLAIMED (Please) ACS:LAWs Anti Piracy Chief Andrew Crossley ducks out of explaining why he has sent thousands of letter to people demanding money for alleged filesharing

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22 Responses to “ACS:LAWs Anti Piracy Chief Andrew Crossley “NO SHOW on the ONE SHOW””

  1. acsflaw1 Says:

    Please see this Blog for further details acsbore.wordpress

  2. vitusdoom Says:

    Andrew Crossely, id love to kick his fat fucking head in.

  3. RalliSolicitors Says:

    Fight back against ACS Law!

    If you were sent these letters, and had not acted as the letter claims, contact us on for a free assessment of your case. We are currently gathering clients with view to a group action for harassment as a result of these letters.

  4. acsflaw1 Says:

    @RalliSolicitors Wow you guys are ALL OVER THIS! I truly hope you are going to do something GOOD!

  5. dignifyXminds Says:


  6. lolmurlocz Says:

    @vitusdoom I am pretty sure this’ll put a smile on your face.
    Your welcome :]

  7. ACSlawTruth Says:

    ***TAKE NOTE***

    ACS:Law has had a massive email leak which should put Andrew Crossley’s anti-P2P extortion scam to bed once and for all.

    Read the following links:


    Spread the word!

  8. vitusdoom Says:

    @lolmurlocz haha thats crazy shit, hope he gets hunted down. I wonder what other info they have leaked.

  9. SharedExperience Says:

    Muwahahahaha!!! I wonder what the lolcatz has to say about the latest news ?

    “All Andrew Crossleys BAse is belongz to uz, cos we be’s legion”

    The irony is, the leak shows that true justice always prevails, hows the heart Andrew ? still holding up?.

  10. ACSlawTruth Says:

    Download & share ACS:Law’s full leaked email database @ *acslaw*blogspot*com/2010/09/b­reaking-news-andrew-crossleys.­html

    (Replace *s with .s)

    Thumbs up to help spread the leak and destroy ACS:Law!

  11. xbry89x Says:

    fuck crossely, he’s a stupid cunt

  12. badvock71 Says:

    Well done anonymouse, now all those who have paid up counter sue crossley for leaving their data unencrypted for all to see 🙂

  13. nibblitz Says:

    ***** GAME OVER *****

  14. zarathustra2k1 Says: – Contains every album/song that ACS:Law have forbidden us from sharing on the internet – GET SHARING!

  15. maniacluke Says:

    “It wasn’t me & I never done it” i imagine Andrew Crossley will be using that defense in the near future

  16. yakjedi Says:

    They must be about the most hated people on the planet right now and it’s easy to see why! I hope they take heed and disappear FOREVER!

    power to the people

  17. philby37 Says:

    If you havent done already check out the leak that has been posted on the net, its a cracker, theres emails from and to the whole ACS law team, letters, spreadsheets, businessplans, addresses, lawyers, personal stuff.
    All of this wasnt hacked into, an incompetant employee exposed it for the world to download when he tried to get the website up and running. Its the best read Ive had in years!

  18. voon100 Says:

    @vitusdoom Best course of action is bombard ACS:Law and other shit law firms with Prank Calls. Make their life hell like they inflict on others.

  19. voon100 Says:

    @lolmurlocz Thanks for the link. I got a sense of satisfaction from the news.

  20. voon100 Says:

    Guys send him Christmas card

    Andrew Crossley
    5 Oak Way
    RH14 0RU Billingshurst

  21. Linuxuser07 Says:

    ACS Law are utter scum!

    Fuck you Andrew crossley you money grabbing cunt.

  22. revsorg Says:

    Even now ACS Law are still sending these threatening letters out. What will it take to stop them?