Am i entitled to legal aid?

I have been subject to a child maintenance consent order for the last twelve months and i am now able to apply to have it reduced as it is way too much especially since i am currently unemployed. I have been told I may be entitled to legal aid with my case. Does anyone know if this is true?
oh i think i should add that i reside in the uk so i suppose any advice should be with refernce to uk law.

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2 Responses to “Am i entitled to legal aid?”

  1. Landlord Says:

    Your counties court house should have a legal aid office, which usually has people there to help you with the forms. If you are very low income you can have the filing fees waived, the clerk will have those forms.

  2. Leanne196 Says:

    To qualify for legal aid you have to satisfy what is called the means and merits test. Your case has to merit legal aid – it has to be in the public interest. Child maintenance cases can sometimes fit this criteria. You will not be financially eligible if your gross monthly income (income before tax) was more than £2,530 in the last month. Or if you have more than £8,000 disposable capital – this includes the value of your home. They do take into account any new partners income and capital.