“Divorce Prank” Xbox Live F@G/Good Grief Collaboration

GoodGriefing teams up with DJ Keemstar from the Federation of Asshole gamers to attempt another awesome prank. DJ taking the role of an angry little kid and CRIMSON as his neglectful father. Directed/Edited by Crazy Filmmaker HALOAHOLES (F@G CHANNEL) www.youtube.com CRIMSONKANE www.youtube.com BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com FOLLOW CRAZY FILMMAKER ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com THE GOOD GRIEF PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR UPDATES: www.goodgriefing.net GET THE GOOD GRIEF INTRO BY GTWIST FROM ITUNES http FOR HILARIOUS GAMEPLAY VIDS BY GOODGRIEFING CAST: www.youtube.com SUSCRIBE TO GTWIST FOR HIS MUSIC AND VIDEOS: www.youtube.com

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    25 Responses to ““Divorce Prank” Xbox Live F@G/Good Grief Collaboration”

    1. AWSOMEsauce98 Says:

      It’s like my life on YouTube ๐Ÿ™

    2. pwnednoob4free Says:

      thank you

    3. MrSports2 Says:

      These guys are stupid to believe that was an actual little kid

    4. Joebob5678 Says:

      It’s the xbox drama of axmen lol

    5. Rekendo0661 Says:

      wow!Wow! This was annoying and amusing at the same time, “good” job guys.

    6. Thezillionth Says:

      Fucking Professional as shit. If this was a military corps, just to grief people on Xbox, CFM would be the fucking master-and-chief.

    7. danholier1 Says:

      views : 321,123 lol

    8. riderdraw Says:

      @MrSports2 it’s more stoopid that too many people dont know goodgrief

    9. canislupus009 Says:

      Best Dad ever

    10. silverbladz0 Says:

      I can like good grief as much as I want, but Keemstar is so bad I need to dislike…

    11. icestorm180 Says:

      LOOOOOOL KEEMSTAR IS THE BAWS!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› AND GG IS AWESOME!! this made me laugh sooooooo fucking much! hhahhahaha kive ti watch a new keemstar/GG vid after a good night out! ๐Ÿ˜€

    12. CoCkYJaKe1 Says:

      son: MY MOM LOVES ME!!
      random guy: Ur mom should of got a abortion.
      dad: I agree with that….i actually agree with that….
      random guy: thank u

    13. AMVGFan Says:

      2:28 Lol awesome gamer tag! =D

    14. TheDeadlyLemonz Says:

      @hotstud678 152+*

    15. zeldelia Says:

      Nobody said anything about the voice being too high pitched…..

    16. hotstud678 Says:

      @TheDeadlyLemonz lol

    17. k2scaper Says:

      pinnocheo much?

    18. uglyguy1221 Says:

      I love the guy at the end who asks If Dillon told you to suck his cock would u do it. Lol

    19. Stopthatmotion123 Says:

      Thts my fuckin chain pj

    20. XxwolfyxoXo Says:

      @uglyguy1221 umm…are u ugky in real life?

    21. XxwolfyxoXo Says:

      @uglyguy1221 umm…are u ugly in real life?

    22. XxwolfyxoXo Says:

      @uglyguy1221 um…are u ugly in real life?

    23. XxwolfyxoXo Says:

      @MrPiper1304 so u say ill get a divorce :'(

    24. XxwolfyxoXo Says:

      @MrPiper1304 so u say ill get a divorce :'(

    25. IloveBadRepp Says:

      I like how Keemstar is the squeaker.