Legal Law – Acceptable.TV

On her first day as a lawyer, Lacy is found in contempt of court andgets entangled in an office romance. It’s just another day at Legal Law. Check out Acceptable TV beginning Friday March 23 at 10pm on VH1. Check out more Acceptable videos at

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    19 Responses to “Legal Law – Acceptable.TV”

    1. frankiswaiting Says:

      “..but in whatever city this is, we show up to our meetings on time!” Classic! Your own videos will be dominating this show.

    2. sarahdixon9 Says:

      Get out there and practice some LAW!

    3. JimBrownPutemDown Says:

      ha awesome what is this picture doing here? this picture of my daughter and her child.

    4. sourcemaster Says:

      lol comedic genius

    5. 3chrds Says:

      i could use some more jurisprudence. indeed.

      i liked the fuckdoll and colored lights in the corner of the hard-bitten slickster’s office.

      go ATV!

    6. zatchbellandpenny13 Says:

      *Looks at paper yoyoink

    7. Octospherics Says:

      not bad, I could use more jurisprudence

    8. erwnerve Says:

      omg this is gonna be Such a Great Show!

    9. iliveinyourshoe Says:

      lolz @ the big hammer thing.

    10. eldentist Says:

      well heres something else you don’t know-have sex with me


    11. BottleTop Says:

      Yoi Yoi

    12. ZiaCombs Says:

      if you like this one, check out medical hospital, homeless james bond, and whos gonna train me at acceptabletv.

    13. LizzyAston Says:

      what is the name of lacy?

    14. Kaseyshere101 Says:

      its a great show!
      the end!

    15. IllusionBomb Says:

      Jen Kirkman.

    16. whocanitbenow Says:

      christopher cross! he really reinvented himself this time.

    17. whocanitbenow Says:

      christopher cross! he really reinvented himself this time.

    18. BeccaLaughsAtBecca Says:

      This is just great! And how cute was Dan Harmon??

    19. starloft3 Says:

      if this clip doesn’t get to 50,000 views i’m firing you all and blowing my brains out