Vlog 23: Kim Kardashian’s Divorce!

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! here we are again suckas Yall want me to talk about how i feel about KK’s divorce… this is what i think! CHECK OUT: www.youtube.com Booking: davidsocomedybooking@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Music page: www.youtube.com

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    25 Responses to “Vlog 23: Kim Kardashian’s Divorce!”

    1. vanzdoodle Says:

      I LOVE YOU.

    2. TacticalShinobi Says:

      @monstres13 wait wait wait wait wait… did you just say me and my boyfriend”

    3. emilliebro Says:


    4. Linky361 Says:

      @monstres13 How does it violate it?

    5. danee6281 Says:

      fuck you and your lesbian haircut

    6. msVue11 Says:

      Lmao @ 1:31 – your camera must have good quality to even catch that saliva flying out from your mouth.

    7. mxthao91 Says:


    8. jessfimba Says:

      wasnt kim married for like a week?

    9. jasminefrazier611 Says:

      sounds like a black person lol

    10. crisbella23 Says:

      i died!!!!! lmaooooo i love u and i agree, why is KK even important? i believe ppl should care about their own life instead of some attention who.re (we all know she got married and divorce to get attention) but i never gave a F** and i never will. U r the man!!!!!!

    11. mogana20 Says:

      lesbian hair cut lol.

    12. newyorkonlockdown Says:

      albino basketball player <3

    13. nDotC26 Says:

      Where did you get your hat?! 😀

    14. AllieBaBAMF Says:

      HAHA, david, you did this on my birthday(:

    15. rollinonice Says:

      lmfaoooo that albino basketball players

    16. HEH8D Says:

      you guys have no understanding… cut kim k some slack, shes going through a hard time and she needs some support and understanding. who are you to say otherwise. and also she gets lots of media attentions because she is a beautiful, wonderful, smart and caring person with lots of talent who has done more for society that you ever will…. JOKES! I hope she gets raped in a dirty toilet and I want to rape and cannabalize her first born child and shit the remains in her slutty moms mouth.

    17. alexkim1592 Says:

      @HEH8D I was really scared that the first part of your comment was real. Haha good one

    18. kiri526 Says:


    19. TheStolenBike Says:

      There was a comment that said: “I give them 5 month until divorce.” and everybody thumbed it up because it was exaggerated…

      But no, Kim had to ruin the joke by getting a Divorce in less than a month

    20. berryblue336 Says:

      tuh tuh tumbledore?

    21. thehappyonee Says:

      tumbledore….. HAHAHAHAHAHA i will never call it tumbling again HAHAHAHA

    22. falasteeeen Says:

      couldnt have said it better myself! especialy the ‘first world problems’ bit aka rich white problems, oh and her famous? i will never understand how!

    23. coolfroggypeace Says:

      i just suscribed.

    24. 2davidyang Says:

      there are cars that run on corn oil n sunlight.! sayy what.?!

    25. liv34today Says:

      Hahahahahaha OMG (Subribe)