Aboriginal Bush Law – 2 of 2 – My Country Australia – BBC Culture Documentary

Aboriginal Bush Law – 2 of 2 – My Country Australia – BBC Culture Documentary, recorded 10.04.2010 & The Forgotten Generation – BBC News America.. Is Bush Law the answer? “Despite the countless government initiatives and billions of dollars invested in attempting to reduce it, crime in the Northern Territory Aboriginal population is at an all-time high. This is because there are two legal systems. One of them is 40000 years old. The other is 200 years old and has been imposed without consultation or respect. Whilst only mainstream Australian law is legally recognised, the simple truth is that Aboriginal people living in remote Australia pay more attention to Aboriginal law.” : Film-maker and lawyer Danielle Loy talks to Dave Richards from Alice Online about her film Bush Law.” See aliceonline.com.au .

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    7 Responses to “Aboriginal Bush Law – 2 of 2 – My Country Australia – BBC Culture Documentary”

    1. SilverRedIndigo Says:

      Apologies. Apologies. How about reparations?

    2. RuniTravel Says:

      Thanks for commenting (and evidently watching this video…) Runi

    3. RuniTravel Says:

      >> Silver >> Sometimes all the apologies and reparations just can’t bring Jacks’ House back… That’s why Aboriginal Bush Law is and remains the only valid Law in that Region… Should I make this public? My hertz says yess … cheers Silver… and Blessings…

    4. MultiRanger88 Says:


    5. MrGh0xt Says:

      In the end they r sorry 🙂 The Aboriginals were weak and its their fault that they couldn’t stop the white men from occupying their land. Now they should be given the right to follow their own culture and laws. 

    6. anomistars Says:

      The Aboriginal people were and are not weak. They are neither cunning, brutal nor mentally incompetent of reason, which is the disease of the whitefella. They are simply intelligent, good people and will rise above whitefella in time.

    7. Thamikaroxy Says:

      It’s fascinating how the BBC does a great job of providing cultural, reparation-type documentaries about cultures world-wide, when they themselves are the critical piece to the ruination of so many cultures. Or they are able to do this while the local dominant culture (US, Australia, Egypt, etc) don’t quite do the same. Though much respect to Australia for the First Australians series!