Adam Carolla on enforcing laws against illegal immigration

“We have a long list of people who would like to come to this country legally but there’s people who are jumping in front of that list.”

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    24 Responses to “Adam Carolla on enforcing laws against illegal immigration”

    1. seans10 Says:

      Theresa Strasser must be positively horrified how Palestinians are treated in the occupied territories,

    2. seans10 Says:

      Note that at about 1:15 the idiot jew broad Strasser tries sarcastically (how else?) to make the EXACT point that Carolla is busily–and effectively–destroying.

    3. seans10 Says:

      @seans10 I should correct this. Her moronics begins at around 1:05. Adam then swats her again nicely toward the end.

    4. huntersingle Says:

      if beaners were bright people then there wouldnt be a problem but they are slow

    5. JonnoThomas Says:

      @TheNewMusicNetwork Excellent point.

    6. TheNewMusicNetwork Says:

      @lahardcore13 nice try how? they DO let their low level prisoners do the work in those states. google it.

    7. lahardcore13 Says:

      @thenewmusicnetwork..please tell me you haven’t been under a rock the last 20 years..guess who hires these people..WHITE MEN…your problem is with the goverment and the capitalistic society this country was buit on…geez please wake up

    8. tseitz123 Says:

      he’s a fucking douche bag

    9. tseitz123 Says:

      he makes perfect sense although he’s obnoxious

    10. INSANEFREAK1 Says:

      @aztec714ok the reason the way he is, is cause he watched and learned what his family is doing, he is a famous comedian he makes good money but im sure his taxes are high and when you see illegal immigrants take medicaid and welfare and they arent even U.S. citizens it will piss you off to, why pay for someone that aint even legal to be here, welfare makes you mindless to the government

    11. Moviesandvideo Says:

      Allot of people from Mexico came because of Reagan legally.

    12. e4erummy Says:

      this guy dont know a thing hes talking about all i hear is help help im scared.

    13. GodotheInfantry Says:

      My God, he’s the fuckin MAN!

    14. donotfret Says:

      Brutally honest and true. Like holy water to a vampire the liberals run screaming racist

    15. drc0086 Says:

      Who is the girl whose speaking? Sounds like the blonde from MadTV

    16. VoodooPolitico Says:

      SO- HOW is Carolla WRONG here? He tells it like it is. Logical, rational-common sense. Can anybody explain to me?

    17. MentallyJuiced Says:

      I love AC!

    18. buffalowingmediabias Says:

      I wish just one state had the balls to adopt Mexico’s rules when it comes to dealing with their own illegal immigrants from Central America and Cuba. Then let’s see what these hypocrites say.

    19. carlsbadtuber Says:

      GO Adam you Rock !! speak the truth !! 

    20. reg5381 Says:

      employ americans.the aclu sucks.

    21. dudeman1109 Says:

      This woman is ignorant. Just like the AZ version of the law, they say that when pulled over for ANY infraction, meaning they would have been pu

    22. dudeman1109 Says:

      pulled over for a legitamate reason, the officer has the right to ask for documentation….. you know like A FUCKING DRIVERS LICENSE! Is that racist? A cop asking for a drivers license after pulling someone over?? Apparently it is if your an illegal with something to hide but its not racist if you are white or black…. Gotta love how truly ignorant some people are

    23. lookit87 Says:

      @csincali Yeah, part of the mantra of illegal immigrants willing to “take those jobs Americans hold undesirable” is that Americans settled with the minimum wage, competing for employers involves a willingness to go below that wage and this is where illegals have the advantage.

    24. CheapChizzlinMooch Says:

      Their not against immigrants. Their against ILLEGAL immigrants. BIG DIFFERENCE