Best of ‘Divorce Court’ Season 8 – Schropshire vs. Schropshire

Watch the full episode of “Divorce Court” from Season 8.

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    11 Responses to “Best of ‘Divorce Court’ Season 8 – Schropshire vs. Schropshire”

    1. lavinder11 Says:

      The difference between a plane crash and a marriage is that you have a say in how your marriage ends up. Plane crash, not so much.

    2. lavinder11 Says:

      Gerald Levert? Rubben Studdard?

    3. thereallynxygirl Says:

      lol I love this guy he is too funny! 🙂

    4. JosiahPhoenix Says:

      Judge Toler is the most stylish judge on TV. Gorgeous and glamorous

    5. buddaman200522 Says:

      This dude is a good guy.

    6. whisky432 Says:

      atleast the judge is not hideous like michelle obama

    7. MEDSEC20 Says:

      Mrs S is a right little madam.

    8. pbcupcake10 Says:

      her hair look like RamenNoodles with two packets of seasoning.

    9. worldadriana Says:

      i he doesn’t want to have intercourse why don’t you talk to him, ignorant girl, by the way i my husband were like him i would be more than happy lol

    10. ayangktmtu Says:

      dude i love that guy hahahaha

    11. MrTwinn75212 Says:

      i couldnt go get her i had to go to work