CA Knife Laws Pt.1


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    25 Responses to “CA Knife Laws Pt.1”

    1. RENOGUY777 Says:

      I live in NV, i go to cali all the time. Thanks for the video! 

    2. CAWeaponGuy Says:

      no problem!

    3. counkev Says:

      I live in LA County TOO !!

    4. dethkatt Says:

      Fuck yea!!! I live in L.A. Too!!! Man thank you sooo much!!! This shuld make my girlfriend cool down abit about how I carry my KABAR with me on my belt at all times lol thank you and great video man!!!

    5. vicspyder Says:

      So there’s a limit on folding knife length? Is that as a state law or a city/county ordinance? :O

    6. ErnestMas Says:

      sorry for the late comment:

      the CRKT A.B.C. Operator Knife?

      its fixed blade with a dual edge i.e. Tanto point with a Serrated back (fixxed blade).

      And the S&W M&P SWMP5LBS

      you’re input would be greatly appreciated!

    7. CAWeaponGuy Says:

      In California, knives with more than one sharpened edge are not legal. As for the S&W, the blade is 5 inches long which exceeds the California approved 4 inch legal limit on folding knives.

    8. AceHound46 Says:

      Nice vid. I work at a gun/ knife store and sell them all day, this clears everything up. Most people don’t understand the law

    9. Stealthgeetar Says:

      U look like seth rogen

    10. shotokun16 Says:

      Question: Recently getting into knife collection and i live in California Capital (i.e. Sacramento) can knives around 3.75 inches become illegal? And these are folding knives like spyderco tenacious and endure types. I know it says no more than 3 inches but can 3 1/3 or 3 7/16 be okay? I

    11. CAWeaponGuy Says:

      If the law in your local area states that knives may not be longer than 3 inches then that is the law. 3-1/3 or 3-7/16 are larger than 3 inches, and would therefore be illegal.

    12. ElWantedOne Says:

      ar butterfly knifes legal in california (santa ana)

    13. nav2491i Says:

      is it legal to own a katana here in ca?

    14. CAWeaponGuy Says:


    15. CAWeaponGuy Says:

      To own, yes. To carry, no.

    16. tastelessbattery Says:

      I dont like california… hating it here in southern california.

    17. tastelessbattery Says:

      What about the knife house keys?

    18. Pwnage195 Says:

      Butterfly knives are illegal to carry around. Lipstick Case Knives are illegal. Im pretty sure your idea is illegal too.

    19. Pwnage195 Says:

      How about trainers longer than the limit of real knives?

    20. 14samsin Says:

      no it is considerd a gravity knife

    21. MrImSOwinning Says:

      does your rules go for long beach 2

    22. CAWeaponGuy Says:

      Long Beach is an unincorporated city in Los Angeles County. Though the blanket laws for Los Angeles County DO apply to Long Beach, you will want to check your local laws and legislation for the specifics on weapon laws in your city.

    23. BroncoBeast13 Says:

      Hey CAweaponsguy would it be legal for me to open carry my KABAR usmc knife in a kydex sheath on my side in plain view? I’m a mechanic and well I actualy use my knife as a tool everyday, thank you very much and I would appreciate any kind of answer because cops here in L.A. Can be kinda sketchy lol I’m pretty sure you’ve had your own set of encounters with the law 🙂

    24. AKGeezy Says:

      The laws in California seem to make it more of a hassle to be a law abiding citizen than it should be…

    25. behemothsuperknife Says:

      Good publication to get. It comes out yearly. California Criminal Law Concepts by Darrel D Hunt. If me hunt is still around that is. Those are good book that just about anyone can understand.