Divorce Disasters

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    25 Responses to “Divorce Disasters”

    1. JohnCx666x Says:

      The longest most successful relationship I know of is between two gay men….who have been together for over 25 YEARS. I kind of think marriage would ruin it for them. I think marriage is a completely antiquated practice in general and young people dont really understand it. The idea that it is “sacred” is so barbarically manipulative its hard to understand how modern society can still believe in it. Manipulating people’s sexdrive to promote your own religious views is pathetic and evil.

    2. Erriku84 Says:

      Lee I would like to be husband number 1!

    3. JohnCx666x Says:

      If you really need to control people to that extent you have some serious issues you need to work through. I dont think anyone should get married because of their religion…a lot of misery has come about because of it.

    4. Tommyboiuk1992 Says:

      Well done on getting featured on the huffington post 😉

    5. remyllebeau77 Says:

      Anyone else get the Princess Bride reference?
      Bravo Sourcefed…. bravo 🙂

    6. remyllebeau77 Says:

      The problem isn’t marriage. The problem is all the people who act like it is just a contract and not a life long choice.

    7. Suurizzz Says:

      The world= US, Canada and Australia, right

    8. uddictiun Says:

      The sources link leads to the wrong page :( Please fix?

    9. nomnomnation Says:


    10. mrsharkguy909 Says:

      Thumbs up is you got the intro 😀

    11. birdscameflyingabove Says:

      Is that a spoon on your necklace, Lee?

    12. rbrown1009 Says:

      Lee’s 2nd wedding is going to be all aboard? Is she implying all the guys will get a ride?

    13. pjcrafty Says:

      It’s both imo. Marriage has become antiquated because the way we go about it needs to be fixed. Maybe you should have to live with someone for 1 year before your marriage becomes legal. Or have mandatory pre marital counseling. Or make prenups mandatory. Just something…

    14. Alexthemessiah Says:


    15. TEAMxLEFTY Says:

      Princess bride!!!!!!!!

    16. charityamis Says:

      I think there should be a minumum 1 year pre-marriage period. Your married, but it is not legal until you have spent one year being married. I don’t see why the legal part should matter, but if it doesn’t work out within the year, no long divorce process. Just separate and move along.

    17. 88GODZORA88 Says:

      Society needs to fix ITSELF. Marriage hasn’t changed. People have just messed it up

    18. MrFlurben Says:

      What is this world coming too!!!!!

    19. chrisfoucha Says:


    20. Loalrikowki Says:

      How about “application of physical force to produce distress for the purpose of a predetermined outcome”. If the kid is too young to be negotiated with, they probably aren’t fully grasping the cause-effect chain you’re trying to set up.

    21. zedd6257 Says:

      All I have to say is this… Marriage takes work… Parent together 30 years… Still strong but they admit to up and downs way downs . it takes work from both sides so in my personal opinion laziness and not having self control is what brings marriages down.

    22. Topazkat73 Says:

      Hubby and I been together 16 yrs, married almost 14. It’s work ppl! Stop giving up when it gets hard and take hot face out of the video screen long enough to actually communicate with each other. Real woman aren’t hoochies who dance half naked, sleep with everyone and real men respect woman.

    23. ltsarcastic Says:

      TWU LWUV

    24. ftgv1 Says:

      Why on earth does Lee have a spoon hanging around her neck?

    25. airgear87 Says:

      marriage is stupid and pointless, almost no other species practices monogamy. Marriage is a silly old religeous practice that will someday be phased out.