Don’t Go to Law School — find out why

A fictitious dialog between a law school dean and a law school graduate. This video exposes the ugly truth about the reality of the legal job market and explains how we have been brainwashed into believing that higher education is the key to economic success. Discover why so many people feel compelled to pursue graduate and professional studies. Learn the truth about the ugly reality of the legal job market and why you probably shouldn’t go to law school. Visit my blog at:

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    16 Responses to “Don’t Go to Law School — find out why”

    1. MrROTD Says:

      LOL I dropped out of High School and I’m still successful. Why? because I have talent and ambition XD I feel sorry for these suckers, they were lied to all thier lives about College and Law Schools are the worst. They pretend that a large portion of their students will find success but it’s a very small percentage. Not everyone has it in them to be a lawyer. You have to be one cold son of a bitch to do that job I’m sure.

    2. MrJumblerr Says:

      lol FartKnoaker…

    3. YJ4 Says:

      SO very true about higher education in general, not just Law School.

    4. SenatorJPO Says:

      Thank goodness the Internet has helped people become aware of the less-successful college graduates, as the group mentality in high school AP courses tends to be “college, college, college.”

    5. SenatorJPO Says:

      Many “resume consultants” are actually college recruiters. After both my Bachelor’s graduation in Political Science and Master’s graduation in Public Admin at UW-Milwaukee, the school’s “Career Development Center” advised that I “try law school.” They had nothing more to say when I said, “Sorry, but my Master’s degree is my terminal degree, unless you want to pay for it.”

    6. AwakeningtoMe Says:

      This video creeped me out! My lil nephew who dropped out of high school name is Timmy. ANd i applied to law school a few years ago, but because of my two kids decided maybe a different career….though i wanted to be a lawyer since I was a small child. But I guess when you have a husband and kids things change and they say lawyers are unhappy.

    7. AwakeningtoMe Says:

      My friend from college named Chinelo went to law school and it seems fine for her though. She is half black (african dad) and half white (white mother) and went to yale law school and graduated and worked for a judge in NYC. She majored in corporate law and is making a lot of money..however I’ve been out of college a long time and don’t know if it’s worth the time! and I think she married someone she went to lawschool with.-Michelle

    8. JoblessJane Says:

      I hope that everyone enjoys my NEW video satirizing the opening of yet more unneeded law schools. You can find it here: watch?v=-tSiGME6fw8

    9. freqeist Says:

      I`m a law student in the U.K. And this has a familiar and depressing ring to it..

    10. freqeist Says:

      its what you make it also

    11. EthanFairview Says:

      There is a facebook page urging undergraduates to avoid law school like the plague, it’s called Don’t Go To Law School

    12. EthanFairview Says:

    13. mochafudgetruffle Says:

      It won’t succeed, because people who badly want to be lawyers won’t listen. No matter what. They want the prestige and status associated with this profession. Law school might have been a smart choice in the 1970s or 1980s, but the legal profession is flooded now. There is little to zero chance of a law grad finding a job within one year of graduation.

    14. mochafudgetruffle Says:

      Don’t blame it on the low tier schools. There are just too many lawyers, period and too many law schools.

    15. cabalofdemons Says:

      Very true. I attend a 4th tier law school, and I snicker hearing people say they will make six figures upon graduating and passing the bar.

    16. sirius212ify Says:

      Jane, you rock! Keep telling the truth about the law school scam! I’m sure people have committed suicide over their law school debt and null job prospects. The law school scam is literally putting people’s lives at risk. The vermin admission committees and student loan outlets could care less how many people’s lives are ruined over this…!!!