Mark McMurtrie Original sovereignty british abmiralty legal scam

Mark McMurtrie who can be contacted at explains in very simple jargon free terms the illegal legal system exercised in Australian courts every day especially in relation to the Original peoples of Australia. Mark explains the legal reason why the Charles Windsor can only claim the title of Prince of Wales as opposed to the King of Wales. He also elaborates on why the British legal system has no jurisdiction over the Original people’s of Australia.

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    24 Responses to “Mark McMurtrie Original sovereignty british abmiralty legal scam”

    1. TheDemonsarehere Says:

      No you dont pay tax bro or rates to the council if you have land.

    2. RZARKT3073 Says:

      yall need to look up freemasonary!

    3. Owlmon Says:

      chattel is right….Read Leviticus 25:40-50 Look at the owners or creditors of that country…..That is a privately owned bank…..Why can you not tell the truth about vampires but be called antisemite??? The registry is the instrument of title…Each one who registered with the Government consented….In a debtor nation all thats in the registry is owned by the creditor….Think deregistration!

    4. Owlmon Says:

      of course it is…watch my video on owlmon youtube channel

    5. Owlmon Says:


    6. trykeepinitreal Says:

      Where does it officially state that the Aboriginal people were “conquered”? Not some redneck rant about “conquering”, where is the OFFICIAL declaration of them being “conquered” by the Crown, Australia, Colonies, Monarchy, Courts, ANYONE or ANYTHING!!! etc etc etc. WHERE IS IT!!! The lies need to stop now. Can you be the first GENIUS to solve this mystery please?

    7. AusPoliticalTruths Says:

      That is just bout one of the most stupidest questions I’ve ever encountered, if ever there was one… When you “claim” territory, it means that you have defeated the previous occupants, and therefore, conquered the land. That is just as stupid as asking, “where in the Aborigines documentation do they state that they are the first people of Australia? Where? Show me where!”… We know that they were. It would be stupid and immature to ask for such documentation.

    8. trykeepinitreal Says:

      The Aboriginals have something better than paper that can turn to dust quickly. Check out the land around you for once in your life, you will find the evidence of Aboriginal existence and use of the land everywhere. This is their land ownership title deeds, along with their stories, culture, heritage, language which matches their claim. Their claim is stronger than a British flag in the ground. Even if they were “conquered” their common law land rights have to be upheld.

    9. trykeepinitreal Says:

      Look at the Normans conquering England, the native English common law land rights were still respected. And Look at the US,it officially claims “conquering” of the native Americans thru it courts by accepting the doctrine of dominance.This doctrine of dominance was defeated in the High Court of Australia,a form of this doctrine is terra nullius.Whether you like it or not their were rules of play 1788.U should know history better before making claims of “AusPoliticalTruths”.

    10. britishgoose01 Says:

      common law is ancientm and no noone likes the royals, thieving scum,they have ruined,stolen and helped write history how they wanted

    11. britishgoose01 Says:

      we are all slaves,your not on ur own,america is,the uk countries are….and england doesnt even have a government, and many if not most countries of the world, Australia is a corporation like the other countries of the world,people or persons are too,were all born in to slavery,over 95% of the world dont believe or wont. You can be free,you just have to learn the rules

    12. jasonwalkabout Says:

      Totally agree. So..the government can give you back your land. So..take off your tshirt stop drinking piss. burn your car and anything else from technology. Refuse your dole money, and go back to hunter gatherer. The last hunter and gatherers on the planet in history were the aborigines. Never evolved much. Have you heard of arnhem land. yes you can live there in the bush with no technology for free. ut no you want your cake and eat it too. Too late dude. Australia is now a refrugee society

    13. TheLazyGeneTV Says:

      Great video. Could you please fix the typo in the title from “abmiralty” to “admiralty”. Cheers

    14. MrJohnnyBoy4444 Says:

      Fantastic Mark.

      Thank you so much for the presentation

    15. GoCo77 Says:

      So it seems the old Sect 51 and 127 in the Constitution actually upheld the Pacific Islander Protection Act 1872? The 1967 referendum changed Section 51 and 127. “The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to the people of any race, other than the aboriginal race in any State, for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws.— section 51, clause 26, pre-1967

    16. MrFrontlinefred Says:

      This bloke is misleading. Cook was contracted to search for the great Southern land. The excursion was financed by the British Government.
      If it had not have been England, it may have been French, Dutch, German, Spanish.
      It was the way things were done two centuries ago.
      If what he says had any credibility it would have been challenged.
      Sounds like pure resentment.
      He is giving false hope where there is none.

    17. Gunnabee Says:

      Isn’t it incredible that the rednecks commenting here are all Legal scholars, amazing !

    18. Gunnabee Says:

      Good one Brudda Mark!

    19. MrFrontlinefred Says:

      Soveriegnty of Australia is recognised by every nation in the world.
      Aboriginals have been recognised as the first people who lived in Australia.
      If Mark Mcmurtrie felt that the soveriegnty of Australia was illegal it would have been challenged decades ago.
      This issue has been raised in the United Nations by American Indians, Australian Aborigine & other countries where a similar situation had taken place. The United Nations recognises the current soveriegnty of these countries.
      Sorry Mark.

    20. mashj50 Says:

      and pray tell what the fuck is the United Nations ? Nothing more than an evil concoction of the Rothschild dynasty, It is a legal fiction created by satanists & bankers nothing more.Anyone who thinks the United Nations is legitimate is in delusion. Theft ,rape & plunder are institutionalized tools of empire disgusting organizations like the UN had to be created to legitimize this global crime. sorry Fred

    21. MrFrontlinefred Says:

      Australian Aboriginals have tried to access the United nations unsuccessfully on several occasions attempting to challenge Australia’s claim to Sovereignty of this country.
      If Aboriginals feel such abhorrence regarding the United Nations. Then why do  Aboriginals still threaten to keep knocking on the door of the United Nations?
      Maybe due to the fact that no one takes the Aboriginals too seriously because the Aboriginals cause has been highjacked by “White Aboriginals” such as Mark Mcmurtrie.

    22. 555spiker Says:

      what rights do the original people on these lands have in a system created by another party of interest AKA United Nations, The Crown, a banking cartel to control who’s sole perogative is to control/enslave ? so sytematically it will fall on deaf ears thats how easy it is to distinguish the two remember these rules are their rules not the rules of humanity to live free and clear from such contracts.

    23. 555spiker Says:

      what rights do the original people on these lands have in a system created by another party of interest AKA United Nations, The Crown, a banking cartel to control who’s sole perogative is to control/enslave ? so sytematically it will fall on deaf ears thats how easy it is to distinguish the two remember these rules are their rules not the rules of humanity to live free and clear from such contracts.

    24. IndigTruthMedia Says:

      You will find MrFrontlinefred that Australia is acknowledged as a nation but not a sovereign nation.The worlds sovereign nations are being tricked into thinking that the Indigenous people are giving consent, but now learning the truth that Australia has been lying and up to its neck in illegal activity.Just the fact that the TRUTH is now being revealed presents a real problem for Australia as nothing is written in stone and forever,and creates nations to raise an eyebrow at Australia’s activity