Obama’s DOJ Cracks Down on Medical Marijuana: California vs. The Feds

The federal government is in the midst of a crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries across the state of California. This is despite repeated claims from President Obama and his Department of Justice that they would not devote federal resources to circumventing state medical marijuana laws. “The law has been hijacked by profiteers who are motivated not by compassion, but by money,” said Melinda Haag, one of California’s US Attorneys, at a DOJ press conference on October 11, 2011. Aaron Sandusky, owner of G3 Holistic, a group of medical marijuana dispensaries in California’s Inland Empire, is one such target of the DOJ’s crackdown on medical marijuana “profiteers.” The DOJ sent him a letter promising to shut down his operations within 14 days. And they followed through. Reason.tv talked to Sandusky, who’s long battled the city of Upland’s sordid handling of medical marijuana dispensaries, before and after he was raided. “We all want the same thing,” said Sandusky. “We want to see less crime. That’s why we have these places.” Sgt. Glenn Walsh and Agent Mark Brewster, both members of the California Narcotic Officer’s Association, believe that the stepped up enforcement from the DOJ is a positive development. “There’s no avenue in the law, whatsoever, to accommodate the sales of marijuana,” Brewster said. Walsh concurs, arguing that California’s Prop 215 and SB 420 allow for the collective cultivation of medical marijuana but do not allow for a single cent to exchange

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    24 Responses to “Obama’s DOJ Cracks Down on Medical Marijuana: California vs. The Feds”

    1. kldirectv2 Says:

      In a rePublic , they , Your congressmen ARE YOU ! ! !,

      the Public (hence rePUBLIC) !
      They represent YOU the Public, YOU are making ALLL of the Laws in a rePublic

      They make YOUR RULES… U agreed to play by this GAME now just play it or OPT OUT

    2. kldirectv2 Says:

      @strapt313 it, the feds do have more control BECAUSE, U are their citizen/subject
      and U voted for them and Pay them to tell U what is right and Wrong

      the feds dont have control over Brazils citizens/subjects “Brazilians” , do they?

      U Claim U are a U.S. citizen? correct?
      Then sit down, shut up,
      and just do what U voted your represntatives tell U what to do…

    3. boohowdoy Says:

      motha fucka you ain’t no libertarian.

    4. longslidenyc Says:

      Pot absolutely adds to society you pointy-headed artless little weasil-man. We are the aritists, musicians, visionaries and innovators. The scumbags that pay you to so diligently do your slithering job are the same ones that make and drop bombs on families you humane-less slimy dick-ass.

    5. Le4rner Says:

      Yes, lets talk about the freedom of an individual in the land of the free, home of the brave. Ignorant tax feeder cop needs the drug laws to be safe in his job.

    6. BuffLuiskies Says:

      They shouldn’t be protesting for Marijuana, they should be protesting for Ron Paul Awareness! They should be spending their time getting Ron Paul into office! Thumbs up for Ron Paul 2012!

    7. SupurNinja Says:

      The two feds in this video need a fucking education.
      Libertarian my ass!

    8. oldno74 Says:

      Everything the federal government touches has to do with money. Legalizing marijuana takes money out of their hands. Compare marijuana to alchohol for instance. What’s worse for you? What causes more violence? What makes you more dangerous? This government needs to be overhauled and clensed of the corruption. This country sucks more and more. Fuck Obama!!

    9. MrChatItOut Says:

      this a great video, i found this one on chatitout (.com) website

    10. Mertle77 Says:

      Why is alcohol legal and marijuana not legal? Yes, legalizing marijuana takes money out of government(s) hands. Many governments, including our federal government, use drug money for weapons to fund wars. It’s politics as usual.

    11. ZEDSTODT2 Says:

      What a rip. Obama gets away with smoking crack with Larry Sinclair but we dont get to use weed! Its a double standard!! I demand a refund!

    12. craigjamesk Says:

      I don’t trust anyone who is for seizing kids.

    13. Sup3rL3monHA23 Says:

      Fuck the feds

    14. XlPackratlX Says:

      One thing bad about this video is that it’s not a full documentary video.  This subject about the seizure of these stores plus those two cops’ perspectives would have made a great documentary alongside the Union.

    15. zachboi13 Says:

      “The cartels are bad but the drugs are worse. The cartels just send drugs here and yes, they kill everybody to make sure its done. The drugs are what’s destroying our society.”

      I’m sure the dead and the 500,000+ a year arrested for marijuana agree with prohibition because its the drugs that’s killing us.

    16. KittenKoder Says:

      Honestly, if the medical users weren’t such hypocrites (fighting against full legalization) I’d feel sorry for them. But at this point, I just honestly can’t sympathize. I’m not for smoking pot, but I just don’t see the harm in it. I smoke tobacco, and I just don’t want to be a hypocrite. So just legalize it, okay, it would stop this kind of shit as well.

    17. stevemcgee99 Says:

      Those cops would be surprised to realize they are communists.

    18. WildPegasus1991 Says:

      fuck you obama

    19. robertpires87 Says:

      Obama = Mussoulini

    20. Randomqueeef Says:

      War on Drugs=FAIL/FAILED


    21. Fingermanant1234 Says:


    22. toppcatt99 Says:

      Why do u think the issue of legalizing marijuana was on the ballot in the last election?Sorros knew that the ignorant weed heads would come out and vote pro marijuana..thus voting democratic…Bong hits…Stupid mindless douches..

    23. francis2hamster Says:

      for f*** sake Abraham Lincon smoked marijuana… cops piss me off

    24. Geoffdam123 Says:

      Are people so stupid to think that because Obama is the first black president that he would be any different from the nazis who pull his strings…he is just a puppet .