Traffic Enforcement Agent Blocks Fire Hydrant During A Fire

Some laws may seem spurious and arcane.Other laws are very logical.For example , New York City vehicle and traffic law prohibits a motorist from parking his vehicle within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.This is not rocket science here.Obviously the law is in place to save lives by creating a zone for firemen to access […]

Divorce With Respect: Learn About Collaborative Practice

For more information on all aspects of family law, please visit our website at and our blog at This interview was reproduced with the expressed written consent of the executive producer of Sacramento’s local ABC affiliate, News10. Divorce and dissolution Child Custody and visitation Child Support Spousal Support Prenuptial Agreement Paternity […]

Strawman Redemption From the Strawman Redemption Youtube channel.flv

He explains everything in detail, you will have to watch twice to fully get it…. Related Blogs

Ohio Divorce Law “Duration of the Marriage:The Beginning” Part 3 of 4 (330) 253-1550 1 855 SKIDLAW Akron Divorce Attorney Eric Skidmore further develops the topic “Duration of the Marriage” in Ohio divorce law and determining the beginning of marriage through exceptions to the prohibition of common law marriage. These materials appear as Part 3 of 4. Related Blogs

Do We Need Government?

Students, get a full week of this at a summer seminar: Should government provide law enforcement? Most would argue that government is absolutely necessary for law enforcement. Prof. Edward Stringhman, however, argues that government may not even be necessary at all. To come to this conclusion, Prof. Stringham asks a few important questions. First, […]

Don’t Go to Law School — find out why

A fictitious dialog between a law school dean and a law school graduate. This video exposes the ugly truth about the reality of the legal job market and explains how we have been brainwashed into believing that higher education is the key to economic success. Discover why so many people feel compelled to pursue graduate […]

Ohio Divorce Law “Duration of the Marriage” Part 1 of 4 (330) 253-1550 1 855 SKIDLAW Akron Divorce Attorney Eric Skidmore introduces the topic of “Duration of the Marriage” in Ohio divorce law and the significance of determining the beginning and end of a marriage for divorce purposes. These materials will appear in a series of 4 pod casts. Related Blogs

Aboriginal Bush Law – 2 of 2 – My Country Australia – BBC Culture Documentary

Aboriginal Bush Law – 2 of 2 – My Country Australia – BBC Culture Documentary, recorded 10.04.2010 & The Forgotten Generation – BBC News America.. Is Bush Law the answer? “Despite the countless government initiatives and billions of dollars invested in attempting to reduce it, crime in the Northern Territory Aboriginal population is at an […]

SNL Kardashian Divorce Special

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Tort Law project: Slander vs Libel

The TORT LAW project is a corporate video that was created for use as an educational supplement to a series of Legal textbooks. This series of videos was produced by James Huffman and Indie City Entertainment for an established legal publishing company. This video features Diana Hart as the Attorney and James Huffman as the […]