Rutgers Webcam Case Stirs Debate Over Hate Crime Laws – MSNBC

Deputy Legal Director Hayley Gorenberg discusses the verdict in the Rutgers student Dharun Ravi webcam case and hate crime laws on MSNBC.

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    7 Responses to “Rutgers Webcam Case Stirs Debate Over Hate Crime Laws – MSNBC”

    1. TheDragon967 Says:

      Big deal. Why does no one charge all the people typing racist crap on youtube with hate crimes? WHY?

    2. MrSomeTeacher Says:

      Thank you to Ms. Gorenburg and Lambda Legal. LGBTQ students will all benefit from your hard work.

    3. akrifasouth Says:

      Because this is about GLBTQ people not racism. One thing at a time. And if it upsets you, why don’t YOU do something about it, the same way gay people protest for their rights.

    4. laxbro233 Says:

      Dharun Ravi is innocent.

      I hope someone makes an example out of the jury for being racist and biased towards the poor innocent gay student.

    5. TooBrutalOrTheFuture Says:

      No offense to the Clementi family, but I hope the father recited this speech to his wife prior to doing so publicly.

      Had she not rejected her son for something as petty as sexual orientation, he would have entered college with a healthier state of mind.

      She’s very religious so maybe a gay son wasn’t a “petty” issue for her, but the simple fact that her response made Tyler feel rejected is absolutely disgusting, and she has to live with that for the rest of her life.

      ALWAYS love your kids.

    6. ColoringBaby Says:

      It wasnt a hate crime. It was invasion of privacy by a dumb teen. and the other teen committed suicide for various OTHER REASONS namely the strong rejection he faced by his mom. End of story moving on..

    7. ColoringBaby Says:

      The lady seems nervous…and confused..