Storage Auction Legal-House Bill 459 Changes FL Storage Laws

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    15 Responses to “Storage Auction Legal-House Bill 459 Changes FL Storage Laws”

    1. stetsonwalker Says:

      We are from the government…we are here to help!

    2. habenod Says:

      its seems as if the last four Videos were filled with a lot of doom and gloom! i wonted to hear about the good stuff but all of them were still helpfull we could learn a lot from our losses it makes u enjoy the wins!

    3. BullToTheShit Says:

      And if the delinquent tenant is deceased, do they have to find a next of kin to sign off?

    4. rdwafer75 Says:

      Na not a problem! Delivered in person means that the lazy ass process server will just say no one lives there no more or no one is ever home and ofcourse it will fuck up the system more!

    5. Glendon007 Says:


    6. Glendon007 Says:

      – Casper the friendly ghost might help them out, I am telling you this is going to be a trip!

    7. Glendon007 Says:

      – hey this is the keep it real channel!! HA HA! On the “real” it is about to get better for the serious folks in the game!

    8. o2wow Says:

      All they had to do was pay the dam bill. I hate flakes.

    9. bluegeno Says:

      Its shows like the Bullshit one on tru TV that you spoke about in a preivous video. I just saw them today while I was cleaning out my unit. Staged units, restarting bids. EVEN THE BIDDERS were all extra cast memebers!!! I posted some pics on my twitter @bluegeno .. Im just going to stay positive and keep doing my thing. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

    10. detectingupstate Says:

      hey thanx for the tire sound in the beggining i jumped out of my seat to look for the car crash scared the fuck out of me! haha

    11. wobinga7 Says:

      government never does anything useful any more

    12. KingTuT876 Says:

      Actually, the bill states that notification will be delivered in person OR by First Class Mail. The requirement of Certified First Class Mail was struck from the bill. Gotta know how to read that “legalesse” folks!

    13. Glendon007 Says:

      – it is not done yet and the old method was delivered by certified mail with delivery conformation. So why the change ???? To give lawyers an angle to hem up the storage companies,, trust me the storage companies will go for the in person delivery so they will not have any issues later….dude this is just the beginning!

    14. MarshmallowVogt Says:

      I almost went outside to see if someone got in an accident but for some reason my kids didn’t hear the same squealing tires I did on my iPad with headphones totally thought someone ran over a cat or something

    15. VinDcator Says:

      Fix your post!!!!!!!!!!!