That’s Illegal Again?! (Crazy USA laws)

Even more actual strange laws from across America! Watch the whole series: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: 2ND CHANNEL: STORE: DAILYBOOTH: SEND ME STUFF! Daneboe 2658 Griffith Park Blvd. #803 Los Angeles, CA 90039

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    23 Responses to “That’s Illegal Again?! (Crazy USA laws)”

    1. WAVEBOARDgirl23 Says:


      Yep, i’m happy i live here in Holland ­čÖé

    2. CRlSTO Says:

      lol all the clever arrests made´╗┐ me lol

    3. thehombreman Says:

      I wonder who are the people that´╗┐ ruined it for us lol xD

    4. flameprincess1011 Says:

      121 people broke these´╗┐ laws

    5. flameprincess1011 Says:

      i have one! In Alaska its illegal to view a moose from a plane or from the sky…´╗┐ i think i might have broke the law…

    6. ASIstudeo Says:

      0:34 was that your´╗┐ fiancee?

    7. randomrighthere561 Says:

      0:21 Wouldn’t you slip a disc in your spine´╗┐ anyway?

    8. caa01ct Says:

      Its illegal to fart after 6:00 in public´╗┐ in Wyoming

    9. bhotshot1b Says:

      I´╗┐ live in Montana and………oops.

    10. sammuel117 Says:

      0:36 was that your fiance?´╗┐

    11. Tehguy248 Says:

      I´╗┐ need to kind now

    12. strtdagame Says:

      is´╗┐ that sinclair 0:42

    13. krookyjj Says:

      do you´╗┐ live in florida?

    14. BUBBLEBOY2299 Says:


    15. dbzmaster1996 Says:

      Best police quote: santa put gun down and step away from the chiled. Santa: he stoll Rudolph. Police: he did not take Rudolph he’s right there. Rudolph : Santa it me Rudolph the red nose rain dear look Santa just put the gun down. Santa: but he tu. Rudolph : he didn’t take me I ran off you crack adict please stop and put the gun down . Gun: click. Rudolph: Santa remember our trip´╗┐ to al-co-po-cko. Santa: i’m sorry Timmy hears your train. Audiounce: (aplose and whistles) the end.

    16. metalclaw65 Says:

      No, but´╗┐ I have relatives in Florida. They sometimes take care of my hippos for me. The hippos like it in Florida. Especially on the roof. lol

    17. Ciesla666 Says:

      0:12 Polish police :3´╗┐

    18. MadeofAwesome4ever Says:

      When and how did some of these actually happen? How can anybody carry an animal larger (and probably heavier) than him/herself on their back? And why would hippos ever be on the roof of a building? They’re unbelievably ridiculous! But, if they’re real laws, than they must have´╗┐ really happened at some point.

    19. MrAshtonschannel Says:

      press 4´╗┐ 4 degie daneboe wegie

    20. Petergriffen51 Says:


    21. MrReallyquitebored Says:

      In England there is one field where if a welsh guy looks like he wants to invade´╗┐ England at 12:00 you can shoot him with a bow and arrow

    22. TheLiamisawesome Says:

      Mitch´╗┐ ruldolph?

    23. 420DRo420ful Says:

      Fuck yeah. Taking homeland security´╗┐ back into the people’s hands.