Tort Law project: Slander vs Libel

The TORT LAW project is a corporate video that was created for use as an educational supplement to a series of Legal textbooks. This series of videos was produced by James Huffman and Indie City Entertainment for an established legal publishing company. This video features Diana Hart as the Attorney and James Huffman as the Client.

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    16 Responses to “Tort Law project: Slander vs Libel”

    1. daydreamusic1 Says:

      your a car thief you nicked my car dude

    2. joanneyoon Says:


    3. ahsanjadoon Says:


    4. 199hussain Says:

      he started new life now he is not a thief it’s not good to leave him like this… it is defamation and false statement too, for his new days… now what he tell to his new family..

      should do something please search there would be some exception ….. pleeeeeaaase

    5. 1000hpHONDA Says:

      Dr. Rhetts Law class is amazing! We love you Dr. Rhetts!

    6. TheHiddenTruth786 Says:

      Ahh so useful (:

    7. exposingscams Says:

      People who attempt to sue for slander are just losers and like I said you cannot get charged for speaking the truth. If you said someone touchs their kids it could mean they have touched their lives or touched their shoulder while playing tag, so good luck with your lawsuit you piece of shit, it is true what I said about your wife because i have seen it. ha ha Dan’s the Man.

    8. DannyOcean0921 Says:

      Of course, she is reading the paper the wrong way…

    9. osheaad Says:

      Defamation is dangerous when the defamation prejudices everyone against that person, that rational speech that person speaks will not get a hearing.

    10. SAINTspFilms Says:

      Thankyou for these videos they are so helpful! a lot better than reading a long article.

    11. gossipdestroys Says:

      Too all, gossip is an unrelenting evil that sweeps away all intelligent conversation and fear of God. It not only destroys the person who bears tales, but it destroys the reputation of the subject of this perfidious and malicious wickedness.

    12. TheBannedPoet Says:

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      First ever British Rap-Poet to be given a “5 year Rap & Poetry ban”
      (2009-2014) Official Court Papers Video on my channel.

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      New video “The Reason Crown Court Censored My Poetry & Rap Lyrics”

    13. mrbishboshful Says:

      can anybody help me: a case at my school (in the united kingdom) where students posted twitter comments with he hash tag of the school.Some ex students have been sent legal fees and current students have been excluded. An example of one of these tweets would be ” (so and so) lost my english assessment so i have to do it again!” is thsi libel? thanks

    14. JusMan35 Says:

      No, as far as I know, this isn’t libel. If the person truly lost this person’s assessment then no, it isn’t libel, because he’s simply stating a fact.

    15. Outeke1 Says:


    16. PoppyB2011 Says:

      He’s an idiot. PRINT THAT!