TPSO Armed Narcotics agents raid store without a warrant! Caught on tape!

No warrant, wrongful search and seizure, police intimidation, harrassment….Narcotics agents went into Mr Spell’s personal place of business and after admiting to Mr Spell that they realized that his products were legal and that he was doing everything right, they were going to seize them anyway and write him a receipt because they did’nt think it was morally right for him to sell his Skyscraper the next level organic sachet! With no warrants and no really clear probable cause they took Mr Spells property and forced him to sign a reciept for his belongings! I have deep concerns that Senator Mills Senate Bill 61 will allow for this type of arbitrary, abusive discretion en masse! Louisiana is a State plaqued with violent crime and budget problems. I plead with the Louisiana Legislature to stop writing laws that lend themselves to this kind of arbitrary enforcement and otherwise undully burden the stream of commerce within the States. Steve Spell II Legal Counsel; Vincent Booth Need a Lawyer? Click on the above link and you will have arrived at the web site for Booth and Booth, APLC, a New Orleans, Louisiana based general practice law firm that provides a full range of legal services to individuals and small to medium sized businesses. We are well equipped to handle cases in many different areas of the law and offer you experience, personal attention, and routine detailed communication about your case.

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    2 Responses to “TPSO Armed Narcotics agents raid store without a warrant! Caught on tape!”

    1. BanterRanter Says:

      How can this happen?? WTF?

    2. toxiccopscom Says:

      It has happened and we want to thank the owner of this video giving us right to use this video in our story. This video is going viral quickly. The man was denied his due process of the law. The police clearly violated the 4th amendment. At 01:40 the cop clearly states NO warrant.